Nordex Reorganizes, Updates Corporate Strategy

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Turbine manufacturer Nordex announced several changes designed to improve production costs and streamline capabilities, as well as focus on profitability.

With a sales strategy targeted at selected customer groups and market segments, Nordex says it plans to grow at a slightly faster rate than the market as a whole over the next few years. Looking forward, Nordex's target customers will comprise large utilities and smaller developers, as well as midsize operators and private equity investors.

The latter group will be the focus of the "project development" business unit, which Nordex says ‘will grow more quickly than a conventional new business.’

Going forward, Nordex will concentrate on the development of wind turbines, which are capable of operating at grid parity, competing internationally with fossil-fuel generation.

"The launch of the Nordex N117 marked the beginning of a new product cycle. This turbine is enjoying great success due to its efficiency in light wind locations,’ says Dr. Jugen Zeschky, chief executive at Nordex SE. ‘We must increase product development speed.’

Additionally, the company notes that it has reduced the size of its management board to three members. Responsibility for operations will pass to Zeschky, who has ceded a number of administrative functions to the chief financial officer, according to the company.

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