Natural Power Releases WindManager To U.S. Market

Posted by NAW Staff on January 09, 2012 No Comments

Natural Power has released a new wind farm portfolio information system to the U.S. market. The product, called WindManager, is a turbine independent system based on international standards such as IEC 61400-25 and RDS-PP.

Natural Power says the system is scalable from a single wind farm to large, multi-site wind farms. The system captures real-time data, presenting availability, losses and key performance while supplying tools for analysis, work processes and fact-based decisions.

WindManager provides customers with four modules for wind farm operations:

Monitoring: Turbines are connected to a central system, all data is stored and visualized in a map view, trends can be monitored, and preconfigured reports summarize performance and energy production against targets.

Analysis: Wind farm personnel can perform stop analysis, loss analysis and understand all downtime issues as they arise.

Operations management: Work scheduling, resourcing and collaboration across teams can be held daily or weekly.

Expertise: Access to system API, data management tools, and tools for extracting performance data to MatLab allows further research and analysis to be performed in-house.

WindManager is brought to the U.S. wind energy market exclusively by Natural Power in collaboration with operations management software provider Baze Technology.

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