Megger Aids Wind Energy Training

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Students at Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater will now be able to gain hands-on experience of testing wind turbine systems, thanks to test equipment supplied to the college by Megger, a provider of electric testing equipment with locations around the world.

Megger has provided the college with insulation, ground, circuit-breaker testers, and a special blade repair test lead kit for checking the condition of the lightning protection provisions in the blades of wind turbines, as well as supporting documentary material.

‘Training for the upcoming generation of engineers is very important to us,’ says Megger's Jeff Hyde. ‘In particular, we like to ensure that students gain practical hands-on experience of testing. We believe that the best way to do this is to arrange for them to train using the same instruments that they will be using after they graduate.’

The instruments will be used to train 135 students enrolled in a two-year program. The training will cover a wide range of testing techniques, with particular emphasis on the repair of wind turbine blades. For this purpose, they will be used in conjunction with a specimen blade that the college has on its site, according to the company.

SOURCE: Megger Ltd.

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