MAG Introduces New Sidehead Option For Manufacturers

Posted by NAW Staff on November 10, 2011 No Comments

Machine tool and systems company MAG says it has introduced a new sidehead option on its vertical turning centers that can be used to produce parts for the energy/power industry.

The new side option utilizes a 10 square-inch ram to deliver 7,600 pounds' thrust from the optimum angle for efficient turning of tall or flanged parts in vertical orientation, MAG explains.

The sidehead option is available on machines with a table size of 49.2 inches to 137.7 inches, and is capable of handling parts up to 145.6 inches maximum diameter and 129.9 inches high, the company explains. The sidehead provides a 49.2-inch X-axis span and a 74.8-inch Z-axis, with a traverse rate of 787 ipm.

With tall, shaft-type parts mounted on the machine table and supported by a live center in the main ram, the approach angle of the sidehead minimizes bending forces on the part and machine components during maximum-thrust cuts to allow faster, more efficient metal removal with highest accuracy, according to MAG. The sidehead is also designed to improve access for undercutting flanges or reaching features beneath them, the company adds.

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