Kelley Electric Business Unit Forms Wind Energy Tower Wiring Team

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The Townsend Corp., a service provider to the energy, industrial and defense industries based in Parker City, Ind., has announced that its Kelley Electric business unit has formed a wind energy tower wiring team.

The team consists of a core group of personnel that have made over 500 tower installations and have more than 30 years of wind energy experience, including working with towers manufactured by most major turbine manufacturers.

‘This is an emerging market with many manufacturers, changing technologies and wind farms being built in remote locations,’ says John Roselle, Townsend's director of marketing. ‘As a consequence, standards and regulations governing construction activities, like [those established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration] and the National Electric Code, are still evolving.’

The expertise of the team also comprises the analysis and interpretation of manufacturer specifications, fault protection testing and the installation of grounding systems, according to the company.

SOURCE: Townsend Corp.

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