Joint Industry Project To Improve Site Assessment Of Offshore Wind Farms

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DNV GL is inviting stakeholders to a joint industry project (JIP) aimed at improving the collection and assessment of data at offshore wind farms.

With a goal of increasing the efficiency of collecting data on site conditions, the new JIP will work with stakeholders from across the wind industry, says DNV GL. Ultimately, knowledge generated from the JIP will be incorporated in a DNV GL recommended practice.

The company explains that the design of an offshore wind farm is dependent on the quality of the calculated site conditions used to derive the design parameters. This includes undertaking extensive and costly investigations at the very early stage of the project’s development. However, a recommended practice will allow stakeholders to improve their planning, investigation and design, says DNV GL.

“The development of this recommended practice will create an industrial consensus on an agreed set of practices to follow for the analysis of the system and its validation,” says Kim Moerk, executive vice president for renewables certification at DNV GL. “This will allow stakeholders to increase transparency and reduce the risk in the early phases of the development.”

In addition, incorporating the experience and objectives of stakeholders along the wind energy value chain will add significant value for all parties involved, the company notes. They will be able to contribute and influence the development of the assessment criteria to ensure their concerns are covered, practices are acknowledged and the objectives of all stakeholders are met.

Companies interested in joining the JIP can contact the project manager, Helena Hunt, at

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