GridPoint Partners with OSIsoft To Implement Smart Grid Solutions

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San Diego-based GridPoint Inc., a smart grid company whose software platform benefits electric utilities, consumers and the environment, has partnered with OSIsoft.

The partnership allows utilities to leverage OSIsoft's PI system – already deployed within many investor-owned utilities – to adopt smart grid solutions enabled by GridPoint's software platform, including energy efficiency, load management, renewable energy management, energy storage management and electric vehicle management.

GridPoint's extensible software platform allows utilities to purchase and customize smart grid solutions individually, while building upon an interoperable infrastructure for the future that is independent of meter data management systems.

The OSIsoft PI system collects, manages, analyzes and presents data from metering, substation automation, distribution automation, SCADA and other data sources so that it can be leveraged by operators, engineers, maintenance technicians, managers, directors and senior management.

With the PI system, GridPoint can reach into the substation and beyond to complete its access to grid operational data. GridPoint technology already unlocks aggregated data from high-energy consumption residential appliances and devices, as well as consumption and production from residential solar and wind energy sources.

SOURCE: GridPoint Inc.

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