Green-e Certified Tags

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on July 31, 2006 No Comments
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Sub Pop Records, a Seattle-based music label, has purchased enough Green-e certified green tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to equal 100% of the company's energy use. To date, Sub Pop Records is the first Green-e certified record company in the U.S.

‘I was made aware of the program by one of my co-workers. I was, quite frankly, shocked by how easy it is to support renewable energy. Green Tags are a simple way for anyone to choose wind energy, which, in turn, lowers dependence on burning fossils fuels for energy,’ says Jonathan Poneman, president of Sub Pop Records. ‘Green Tags fulfill an important commitment to both the planet and the Pacific Northwest, where Sub Pop is rooted.’

Earlier this year, Sub Pop Records' recording artist Kelley Stoltz released ‘Below the Branches’ as the first album to be green powered and incorporate the Green-e label on its packaging.

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