Granholm Says Michigan Will Lead Way To Energy Independence

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Michigan is uniquely positioned to lead the nation in finding solutions that will lead to energy independence in the U.S., with a revamped auto industry being an integral part of that solution, said Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm, D-Mich., during an address to the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual policy conference on Mackinac Island.

‘Michigan's manufacturing capabilities, skilled workforce and geography are unique assets that will be critical in finding solutions for the nation's energy independence,’ Granholm said. ‘We have a plan to capitalize on those assets, and together with a partner in the White House, we are poised to create an alternative energy economy and tens of thousands of new green jobs.’

Granholm said there are three key areas in Michigan's alternative energy economy: advanced batteries, wind manufacturing and solar manufacturing.

Auto suppliers who are looking to diversify can supply wind turbine components, said Granholm.

‘Wind turbines need exactly the types of things Michigan is the best in the world at making: gearboxes, brakes, drivetrains and carbon fiber moldings,’ Granholm said. ‘This is a huge opportunity to diversify our companies into a fast-growing industry.’

She also noted that most wind turbines are now manufactured in Europe and transported to the U.S. by ship across the Atlantic and through the Great Lakes to Midwestern ports like Duluth. Domestic production would cut costs, she added.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

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