GL RC Introduces New Guideline For Condition Monitoring Systems

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GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) has published its new ‘Guideline for the Certification of Condition Monitoring Systems for Wind Turbines,’ which GL RC says covers important requirements for the development, installation and operation of condition monitoring systems.

According to GL RC, the updated guideline reflects the latest developments of condition monitoring systems for wind turbines and future requirements.

‘Currently, almost all condition monitoring systems are operating independently from the control system, and almost exclusively the drive train is monitored,’ explains Karl Steingroever, GL RC's specialist for condition monitoring systems.

‘Future condition monitoring systems will be partly or fully integrated into the control system and include the monitoring of the entire wind turbine. In this context, the definition of interfaces between the systems is playing a major role,’ he adds.

GL RC's guidelines and technical notes are discussed in its Wind and Marine Energy Committee before publication. The company says the Wind and Marine Energy Committee represents the relevant groups in the field of wind energy, including public authorities, wind turbine and component manufacturers, engineering consultants, institutes, universities, technical associations and insurance companies.

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