GE Unveils Digital Power Plant Solution With Renewables Application

Posted by NAW Staff on September 30, 2015 No Comments

14664_renewable_switch GE Unveils Digital Power Plant Solution With Renewables Application GE has announced Digital Power Plant, a software and hardware solution the company says creates a virtual ‘digital twin’ of an entire industrial power plant complex and can help with renewables integration.

Powered by GE's Predix platform, the digital twin is a collection of physics-based methods and digital technologies that are used to model the present state of every asset in a digital power plant or a digital wind farm. The company says this technology lets utilities monitor and manage each aspect of the power generation ecosystem to generate electricity cleanly, efficiently and securely.

GE notes its water and power business unit and utility company Exelon Generation have entered into an agreement to implement a Predix-powered suite of enterprise-wide software technologies across three fuel sources: nuclear, natural gas and wind.

"Our industry is on the precipice of a digital disruption, and Exelon is very pleased to partner with GE on several pilot programs that will help us deliver significant benefits for our customers, the industry and the environment," comments Michael Pacilio, executive vice president of Exelon Generation.

More information on GE's Digital Power Plant is available here.

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