GE Rolls Out New Models For 3 MW Turbine Platform

Posted by NAW Staff on November 17, 2015 No Comments

14839_ge-logo-retro GE Rolls Out New Models For 3 MW Turbine Platform GE Renewable Energy has introduced the 3.4-130 and 3.4-137 turbine models – the latest additions to its 3 MW platform.

According to GE, the turbine models, which have larger rotor diameters, build on the performance of its 2.5 MW and 2.75 MW machines. In addition to larger rotor diameters, the company notes that the new models offer improved load management systems, enhanced control features and more efficient drivetrain technology. Â

In addition, the new 3 MW platform features the modular hardware and software analytics capabilities of GE's digital wind farm. The hardware platform uses the same machine head throughout all configurations, but offers flexible rotor diameters of 130 meters or 137 meters, multiple generator ratings of 3.2-3.4 MW and five possible tower height combinations, ranging from 85 meters to 155 meters.

GE says the 3 MW turbine platform is configurable to meet International Electrotechnical Commission class 3A, 2B and 3B wind conditions.

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