GE Partners With Arista Power On Energy Storage For Wind Turbines

Posted by NAW Staff on April 23, 2012 No Comments
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GE's energy-storage business, a unit of GE Transportation, has signed a business cooperation agreement with Arista Power Inc., a developer, manufacturer and supplier of power management systems, renewable energy storage systems and WindTamer wind turbines.

Under the new agreement, the companies will jointly promote and market Arista's new Power on Demand System, which will incorporate GE's new Durathon batteries.

Arista's Power on Demand system is designed to reduce electricity-demand charges, which are based on a customer's peak power demand and can account for up to 30% to 70% of a commercial electric bill, according to the company.

The patent-pending system utilizes energy generated by wind turbines, solar PV, the electric grid and other power sources in conjunction with a custom-designed battery storage system and proprietary real-time demand-monitoring technology.

The monitoring system is designed to smooth power demand on the grid by maintaining grid demand within optimal parameters and releasing stored power only during peak-demand periods, thereby reducing peak-demand charges, prolonging battery life and lowering commercial electricity costs, according to Arista Power.

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