Gamesa’s 4.5 MW Wind Turbine Achieves GL Certification

Posted by NAW Staff on October 27, 2011 No Comments

Gamesa says it has obtained IEC WT 01 type certification from GL Renewables Certification (GL) for its G128-4.5 MW wind turbine.

In order for the turbines to obtain this certification, 618 component trials were conducted at 100 accredited laboratories and testing centers, along with 112 tests of functional systems totaling 14,000 hours of operation for the drivetrain, generator/converter and blades, Gamesa says.

Gamesa developed six technological innovations for this turbine system: Innoblade, Multismart, ConcreTower, CompacTrain, FlexiFit and GridMate, the company notes. The G128-4.5 MW turbine features a 120-meter tower and blades with a diameter exceeding 62.5 meters.

Gamesa is contemplating extending production of the G128-4.5 MW to other markets besides Spain, such as the U.S. and China.

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