Gamesa Unveils The G126-2.5 MW Turbine For Low-Wind Regions

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14722_gamesa_new_turbine_10.14 Gamesa Unveils The G126-2.5 MW Turbine For Low-Wind Regions Gamesa has launched its latest wind turbine: the G126-2.5 MW, designed to maximize output, efficiency and profitability for sites with low wind speeds.

Thanks to an extremely low power density, an increased capacity factor and a lower cost of energy, the new turbine will boost energy production by up to 25%, relative to Gamesa's G114-2.0 MW model.

The machine combines a longer rotor (126 meters in diameter), a nominal capacity of 2.5 MW and a range of tower heights to choose from – 84, 102 and 129 meters (among other customizable features, depending on site conditions).

The G126-2.5 MW is fitted with the same electric system as the rest of the company's 2.5 MW products, the G106-2.5 MW and G114-2.5 MW. In addition, the 62-meter blades are equipped with the technology already validated in the G114's 56-meter blades, says Gamesa.Â

The first prototype will be installed during the third quarter of 2016, and serial production is due to begin by 2017.

"By launching the G126-2.5 MW, we are offering our customers one of the most competitive products in the 2 MW – 3 MW segment for low wind speeds," states Juan Diego D’az, Gamesa's director of marketing.

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