Gamesa Forms New Executive Committee

Posted by NAW Staff on January 12, 2012 No Comments
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Gamesa's board of directors has agreed, following a previous report from the appointment and remuneration committee, to create an executive committee to which it will delegate all board-of-directors faculties, with the exception of faculties that are non-delegable by law or the company's bylaws.

The executive committee will provide support to the board of directors' duties and decision-making activities within the context of the company's increasing international expansion. The committee will consist of the following five board members: Jorge Calvet, Gamesa's chairman and CEO; Juan Luis Arregui, deputy chairman; Sonsoles Rubio; Iberdrola, represented by Agust’n Delgado; and Luis Lada.

The new committee has named Jorge Calvet as its chairman and Carlos Rodriguez-Quiroga as secretary – the same positions they currently hold on the company's board.

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