Gamesa Enters Community Wind Energy Market

Posted by NAW Staff on March 20, 2012 No Comments
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Gamesa has announced that it has entered the distributed and community wind energy market through an agreement that makes Harvest the Wind Network a primary distributor of Gamesa's family of G5X-850 kW turbines.

Harvest the Wind is an independent dealer network and is part of BTI Inc., a fourth-generation family business in southwest Kansas. BTI launched the network while rebuilding after one of the nation's most powerful tornados destroyed its business and community in Greensburg, Kan., in May 2007.

Harvest the Wind Network consists of 13 independent dealer groups in more than 200 locations. The network has installed and is servicing over 125 turbines, with more than 100 projects in progress ranging in from 50 kW to 10 MW.

"The United States currently has a mid-scale wind turbine void that will be filled with this timely partnership," says Haley Estes, vice president of Harvest the Wind Network. "The two companies will provide American industries with the ability to power manufacturing plants, schools and large industrial facilities, which will create nationwide jobs and foster energy independence."

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