Fifth Third Bank Buys RECS From Lost Creek Wind Farm

Posted by NAW Staff on July 26, 2012 No Comments
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Fifth Third Bank says it will purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the Lost Creek Wind Farm, located in DeKalb County, Mo.

According to the company, the RECs match 30% of the electricity use at its Cincinnati headquarters and the purchase is part of its broader corporate environmental sustainability program.

Between 2007 and 2011, the bank cut electricity consumption 14% and natural-gas consumption 34% at its facilities. Using U.S. average carbon-dioxide emission factors for electric power and natural gas, the bank's 2011 greenhouse-gas emissions from these sources were 17% lower than in 2007, the company notes.

‘We purchased 30 percent green power to support renewable energy and to complement our investments in energy efficiency,’ says William J. Moran, senior vice president for corporate facilities at Fifth Third Bank. ‘We also liked sourcing from the Lost Creek Wind Farm because we do business in Missouri.’

Fifth Third Bank worked with New York-based green power supplier Greenlight Energy Group to obtain the RECs.

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