Facility To Offer Wind Testing For Cold Climates

Posted by Betsy Lillian on June 01, 2017 No Comments

The RISE Research lnstitutes of Sweden is establishing a test center in which the global wind industry will be able to test equipment for cold climate conditions.

The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands and RISE have agreed to collaborate on the development and operation of the facility, which will be located in northern Sweden and operated by RISE.

According to RISE, the center will offer full-scale testing, research, verification and certification of new generations of wind turbines and subsystems in cold climates.

RISE says it already operates field facilities in cold conditions in Sweden and has a long histtory in measurement, testing and validation. Further, ECN has its own full-scale wind turbine test center and accredited measurement team with over 40 years of dedicated research and development in wind energy.

According to RISE’s Stefan Ivarsson, project manager, the specific location of the facility is to be determined.

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