ExxonMobil Reveals New Turbine Grease To Enhance Performance

Posted by Amanda Fava on September 27, 2016 No Comments

ExxonMobil, a fuels and lubricants supplier, has introduced a new synthetic turbine grease that the company says can protect pitch, yaw and generator bearings from extreme-temperature conditions from as high as 248 degrees F to as low as -58 degrees F, dubbed the Mobil SHC Grease 102 WT.

According to the company, although other greases face solidification challenges at -22 degrees F, the Mobil SHC Grease 102 WT enables performance at even lower temperatures, which can aid in the following:

  • Optimizing flow in central lubrication systems;
  • Minimizing bearing torque during low-temperature start-ups/operation;
  • Resisting fretting wear, rust and corrosion; and
  • Maximizing equipment uptime.

“Extreme, cold temperatures commonly occur in many places that also have high wind energy potential,” said Greg Engel, global grease and services marketing manager at ExxonMobil. “In places like northern Asia, Scandinavia, the northern United States and Canada, high-wind conditions make protecting wind turbine equipment challenging.”

ExxonMobil notes that in addition to enabling lower-temperature performance, test results demonstrate that the Mobil SHC Grease 102 WT can deliver further benefits, such as enhanced bearing life, long lubrication intervals, outstanding mechanical stability and high levels of water resistance.

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