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Every month, North American Windpower delivers useful information to educate readers - those already a part of the wind energy business and others contemplating entering it - in a clear and concise format. Each issue is filled with the following features and departments.


  • Spotlight On... - In-depth reporting and analysis on the status of wind energy in a particular state or province. Every month, we explore how utilities, regulators, government, developers and the public are affecting wind energy.
  • Wind Project Profile - How one project is getting done...all the details on siting, financing, community and landowner relations, power purchase agreements, and equipment choices.
  • Marketplace - Technological development and product innovations are driving the wind industry...but also creating moving targets for equipment specifiers and service contractors. Count on us to provide regular and timely feature-length overviews across all categories of industry participants, including manufacturers, consultants, developers, and service providers.
  • Industry At Large - Wind technology isn't just "green" and "alternative" anymore - it's a real business whose economics are right, and whose time has come. We highlight wind energy's expanding role alongside traditional North American electric power generation technology and its impact on a power distribution system that has come under increasing scrutiny.


  • Editorial Commentary: "Wind Bearings" - Our editorial staff has their fingers on the pulse of the North American wind energy marketplace. Here's their take on what's important this month.
  • New & Noteworthy - Turn here for breaking news and the latest industry developments.
  • Products & Technologies - Learn about the latest in technological developments and new product and service announcements.
  • Projects & Contracts - Find out which projects are moving forward - and why. Where are they located? Who is driving them? How are the deals structured? Learn more here, every month.
  • Policy Watch - Fifty states, 13 provinces and territories, and two federal governments...that's a lot of legislative and regulatory bodies to monitor. We do the work for you, keeping readers apprised of regulatory changes in a comprehensive and timely manner.
  • People - Who's who in the industry, what they're doing, and where they're going.
  • FYI - Anything else a reader needs to know to stay aware in the rapidly developing North American wind energy marketplace.
  • Calendar - NAW keeps track of industry events and key dates so you can plan your schedule.
Click here to see our editorial calendar listing upcoming features and events.
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