November 2014 - Volume 11, Number 11

Remote Sensing

Using LIDAR To Turbocharge Power Production

Many are finding that the remote sensing tool has applications beyond pre-construction wind measurement.

Marketplace: Towers

Are U.S. Tower Makers Ready For 2015?

Suppliers need to reassess quality control methods for next year‘s expected spike in volume.

Industry At Large: Design Specifications

Are Today’s Fasteners Using Yesterday’s Procedures?

The author contends that North American turbine manufacturers need to take a closer look into newer and more reliable fastener technologies.

Industry At Large: Wind Farm Reliability

How Turbine Controls Impact Wake Behavior

Using Doppler radar wind maps, researchers better understand how subtle changes in turbine operation have a big impact on turbine wakes.

Project Profile: Granite Reliable Wind Farm

New Hampshire Project Is True To Its Name

The site of Brookfield Renewable Energy’s Granite Reliable Wind Farm featured challenging geologic conditions.

Spotlight: New Hampshire

Developers Grapple With State’s Rock-Like Resistance To Wind

New Hampshire has yet to fully embrace wind energy, and some potential developers are frustrated.

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