Eaton Introduces VisoVac Fault Interrupter To Support Subsurface Power Distribution Systems

Posted by NAW Staff on August 20, 2015 No Comments

Power management services provider Eaton unveiled its three-phase submersible fault interrupter for subsurface power and distribution switching applications.

Called the VisoVac Fault Interrupter, this technology expands upon Eaton's network protection solutions for enhanced safety and reliable power protection, control and communications for utility and industrial applications.

Designed for subsurface, submersible or pad-mount, medium-voltage distribution applications requiring primary isolation of the associated transformer, the VisoVac fault interrupter delivers the highest interrupting ratings for submersible primary switches in the industry with a 25 kA or 40 kA vacuum interrupting rating.

‘The VisoVac fault interrupter provides a new solution for utility, mining, oil and gas, data center, healthcare, renewable energy, and other critical applications that require highly reliable power,’ notes Mark Faulkner, Eaton's product line manager.

The VisoVac interrupter can provide customers with visible isolation and visible grounding and can be used for primary network isolation or distribution sectionalizing in single or multi-way configurations.

The enclosure is submersible and constructed of stainless steel for harsh vault and subsurface environments. The solution is also available with a high-density polyethylene enclosure using the company's proprietary technology. The enclosures conform to the securit

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