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Gamesa Launches Anti-Icing Paint For Wind Turbines
on Tuesday April 08 2014 by NAW Staff
Gamesa has developed Bladeshield, an anti-icing paint solution for wind turbines. The company says the new system is apt for use in its own 2.0 [read more]
Enercon To Launch New Strong-Wind Turbines
on Monday April 07 2014 by NAW Staff
Enercon has announced plans to launch strong-wind versions of its E-82 and E-101 series wind turbines. Both turbines were originally available as Class II versions, [read more]
GE Unveils 1.7 MW Wind Turbine Designed For India
on Friday April 04 2014 by NAW Staff
GE has introduced the 1.7-103 wind turbine, its first wind turbine developed and engineered specifically for India's low-wind speed conditions. The company says the 1.7-103 [read more]
Boulder Wind Power Expands Generator, Power Conversion Portfolio
on Thursday March 27 2014 by NAW Staff
Boulder Wind Power (BWP), a Colorado-based developer of permanent-magnet generators and full power converter technology for utility-scale wind turbines, has expanded its product portfolio for [read more]
Spanish Companies Conclude Research To Help Create 15 MW Wind Turbine
on Thursday March 13 2014 by NAW Staff
The Azimut project, a Spanish initiative aimed at developing a 15 MW wind turbine by 2020, has completed its applied research activities undertaken during the [read more]
Alstom Uprates ECO122 Turbine, Works On Taller Towers For Low-Wind Sites
on Wednesday March 12 2014 by NAW Staff
Alstom has announced an upgrade to its ECO122 wind turbine from 2.7 MW to 3 MW, as well as a new partnership to develop higher [read more]
Siemens Rolls Out Uprated D3 Wind Turbine Platform
on Tuesday March 11 2014 by NAW Staff
Siemens has uprated its D3 onshore platform wind turbines from 3 MW to 3.2 MW. The new SWT-3.2-101, SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.2-113 machines will enter serial [read more]
Vestas Announces Large Diameter Steel Tower For 3 MW Turbines
on Tuesday March 11 2014 by NAW Staff
Vestas has launched its patented Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST), a solution to increase the tower height for its 3 MW turbines to over 140 [read more]
GE Launches Space Frame Tower For Wind Turbines
on Tuesday March 11 2014 by NAW Staff
GE has introduced its new, five-legged space frame tower for multi-megawatt wind turbines. The company says the new product enables towers up to 139 meters [read more]
DOE Taps Romax And Partners To Develop Wind Turbine Drivetrain Design
on Tuesday March 11 2014 by NAW Staff
Romax Technology has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as the lead mechanical engineer in a consortium project to develop an innovative [read more]
LM Wind Power Works To Create Flexible Blade Concept
on Tuesday March 11 2014 by NAW Staff
LM Wind Power is leading a four-year research project to develop turbine blades with flexible tip lengths - a technology concept the company says has [read more]
GE Rolls Out 2.75 MW Turbine Model
on Monday March 10 2014 by NAW Staff
Turbine maker GE has unveiled a 2.75 MW wind turbine (with an energy storage option) as the next iteration from the Brilliant product line. GE [read more]
GE Eyes 15% Cost Reduction Of Offshore Wind With New DC Solution
on Tuesday March 04 2014 by NAW Staff
GE has completed trials of PassiveBoost, a technology the company says is designed to allow remote power networks to go direct current (DC) and could [read more]
Siemens Takes Part In Collaboration To Create New Blade Composite System
on Tuesday March 04 2014 by NAW Staff
DSM, 3B - the fiberglass company, Siemens Wind Power and DTU Wind Energy have teamed up to create a new composite system for making wind [read more]
Leine Linde Launches Slip Ring With Integrated Diagnostic System
on Monday March 03 2014 by NAW Staff
Leine Linde Systems GmbH has announced its new ADSR product, a slip ring for wind turbines that has an integrated diagnostic system for analyzing condition [read more]
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