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NGA Center Report Highlights State Clean Energy Programs
by NAW Staff on Friday May 07 2010
Throughout the decade, states have launched initiatives to promote alternative energy sources, improve energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions, according to a [read more]
Wisconsin Governor Establishes Clean Energy Consortium
by NAW Staff on Thursday May 06 2010
Gov. Jim Doyle, D-Wis., has announced the creation of the Clean Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage Systems (CEGTS) consortium that combines [read more]
Linamar, NCB Lohmann Form Alliance To Manufacture Wind Turbines In North America
by NAW Staff on Thursday May 06 2010
Linamar Corp. and Germany-based NCB Lohmann GmbH, a manufacturer of wind turbine components, have formed a strategic alliance to pursue wind [read more]
Brazil Leads Latin America Wind Energy Markets
by NAW Staff on Wednesday May 05 2010
Led by Brazil, Latin America is expected to reach 46 GW of total installed wind capacity by 2025, with a 12.6% [read more]
Report: Increase In Offshore Wind Drives European Smart Grid Advanced Components Market
by NAW Staff on Wednesday May 05 2010
The European smart grid advanced components market is being driven by the increase in offshore wind farms, according to a news [read more]
Google Invests In North Dakota Wind Farms
by NAW Staff on Tuesday May 04 2010
Google is reporting on its blog that the company has made its first direct investment in a utility-scale renewable energy project. [read more]
Jupiter Group To Establish Wind Turbine Component Factory In Kansas
by NAW Staff on Monday May 03 2010
Jupiter Group, a Denmark-based producer of wind turbine components, will open a new manufacturing facility in Junction City, Kan. This move [read more]
Wind Installations Fall In First Quarter Of This Year
by NAW Staff on Friday April 30 2010
The U.S. wind industry installed 539 MW in the first quarter of this year - the lowest first-quarter figure since 2007, [read more]
Cape Wind Receives Final Regulatory Approval
by Angela Beniwal on Thursday April 29 2010
A proposed wind project that has been in the national spotlight for almost a decade and gone through an extensive permitting [read more]
WPI Researchers Studying Feasibility Of Deepwater Wind Turbines With NSF Grant
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 29 2010
With a three-year, $300,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), a research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is studying [read more]
Survey: Financial Advisers Embrace Renewable Energy Investments
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 29 2010
Investments in renewable energy-based companies are becoming an accepted component of advice-driven investor portfolios, a new survey of financial advisers reveals. [read more]
Report: Electric-Drives Growth Propelled By Growing Wind Energy Industry
by NAW Staff on Thursday April 29 2010
The growth in the wind industry has resulted in an increase in electric drives, according to "Global Outlook for Electric Drives [read more]
President Obama Visits Siemens' Wind Turbine Blade Plant
by NAW Staff on Wednesday April 28 2010
President Obama visited Siemens' recently expanded 600,000 square-foot wind turbine blade facility in Fort Madison, Iowa. The president toured the plant [read more]
Design Flaw Causes Some European Offshore Wind Turbines To Slide
by NAW Staff on Monday April 26 2010
Hundreds of European offshore wind turbines have a design flaw that is causing them to slide on their bases, Reuters reports. European turbine manufacturers and [read more]
Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Increased Use Of Wind Power
by NAW Staff on Friday April 23 2010
Voters overwhelmingly support increasing the use of wind power in the U.S. and adopting a strong renewable electricity standard (RES), according [read more]
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