DWEA Reaches Out To New Markets

Posted by NAW Staff on September 10, 2012 No Comments
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In an effort to expand to new agricultural areas in the Midwest and Northeast, the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) recently hit the road to educate farmers and landowners about the many benefits of distributed and community wind.

According to DWEA, distributed wind energy creates significant advantages for rural consumers by providing locally produced electricity that is emissions-free and enables economic development in the form of new jobs, new industry and associated growth.

For example, the DWEA says it recently attended Empire Farm Days, located in Seneca Falls, N.Y., and the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

‘These events give the association and our members a great opportunity to reach new consumers who might be interested in wind energy, but previously did not have any way of learning about how it could work for them,’ explains Jennifer Jenkins, executive director at the DWEA.

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