Duke Energy Indiana Launches Offsets Program For Reducing CO2 Emissions

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Duke Energy Indiana has created a program for customers interested in offsetting the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from everyday activities.

Duke Energy Indiana customers can purchase a carbon offset for $4 per month, which represents approximately 500 pounds of CO2 – the equivalent of 500 kWh of electricity. For the typical residential customer, the purchase of two carbon offsets for $8 per month would offset an average monthly consumption of 1,000 kWh of electricity.

To encourage participation in the carbon-offset program, Duke Energy will match the first $4 carbon offset block purchased by each customer through the rest of the year.

This new carbon-offset program reflects Duke Energy's carbon-reduction strategy and efforts. Indiana customers interested in reducing the carbon produced from their daily activities can enroll in the program by visiting the company's Web site, duke-energy.com.

Carbon-offset purchases will be reflected in a participating customer's monthly bill. In selecting specific carbon-offset projects, Duke Energy will follow strict criteria developed by the Environmental Defense Fund. A project must meet nine specific criteria, including the following key requirements:

– It must be a direct carbon emission (no renewable energy certificates);

– Quantification of emission reductions must be reliable and accurate;

– Emission reductions must be serialized and tracked; and

– All offsets must be verified by an independent third party.

SOURCE: Duke Energy

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