DHi Slip Rings Are Now UL-Certified

Posted by NAW Staff on April 06, 2015 No Comments

Manassas Park, Va.-based service provider Defense Holdings Inc. (DHi) says its control slip rings have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

According to the company, the carbon-free slip rings are the first such product to achieve UL certification.

DHi says the metal fiber brushes are capable of operating without maintenance for at least 200 million revolutions and can operate in contaminated and oily environments.

The brushes provide superior current and data transfer and also extend the brush and slip ring service life. They offer a high current capacity of 250 amps per square inch and decreases in acoustic, mechanical, and electrical noise at sliding speeds up to 100 meters per second. These long-life electric brushes produce 80% less wear debris than solid brushes and require no lubrication – reducing maintenance and the potential for short circuits.

Additionally, the company asserts its product has a further attribute: the debris generated by the brushes settles at the bottom of the enclosure where it can be easily disposed. With other systems, the company notes, the debris is often distributed throughout the enclosure causing shorts, grounds and other operational issues.

DHi says its pitch control slip rings are currently available for GE's 1 MW and 2 MW platforms, as well as in Suzlon's S88 wind turbine generator.

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