Despite Town Order, Developer Keeps Wind Turbines On At Night

Posted by NAW Staff on June 17, 2013 No Comments
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Fairhaven Wind LLC, developer of a two-turbine project in Fairhaven, Mass., kept its machines on during the night of June 14, despite a ruling made just days before requiring that the turbines be shut down every evening from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

On June 10, the Fairhaven Board of Health unanimously voted to mandate the overnight silencing of the turbines after receiving hundreds of noise complaints from residents. Until June 14, the developer complied with the order.

According to, a Fairhaven Wind representative said the earlier curtailments were voluntary, as the developer had not yet received the mandate in writing.

‘Until the Board of Health issues the order, we are not curtailing the turbines,’ the representative said. Board of Health Chairmen Peter DeTerra told that the board would send the paperwork today, adding that the developer ‘should be in good faith and leave [the wind turbines] off.’

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