Deepwater Wind Responds To New York City RFI

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14611_thinkstockphotos-80721228 Deepwater Wind Responds To New York City RFI Providence, R.I.-based offshore wind developer Deepwater Wind has responded to New York City's most recent request for information (RFI).

The RFI, issued in July, is designed to identify sources of new renewable energy generation as opposed to existing projects. Led by Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City has pledged to reduce overall greenhouse-gas emissions 8% by 2050 and emissions from city government operations 35% by 2025.

According to the Office of Citywide Procurement, the city government currently spends between $600 million and $650 million per year on its electricity and could potentially use its purchasing power to catalyze the development of new sources of renewable power, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and chart a path to receive 100% of electricity from renewable sources of energy.

‘The waters off New York City are home to one of the country's best offshore wind resources, and tapping this cost-effective source of new power would do much to help New York City meet its 100-percent renewables goal – and to launch a new local industry,’ explains Jeff Grybowski, CEO of Deepwater Wind. ‘We're confident that our offshore wind solution could shape New York City's energy future, and we're ready to get to work.’

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