CPS Energy Adds 240 MW To Its Cottonwood Creek Wind Farm

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on May 15, 2007 No Comments
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San Antonio-based CPS Energy, a municipally owned supplier of natural gas and electricity, has completed the installation of an additional 240 MW of wind capacity to its Cottonwood Creek Wind Farm in Nolan County, Texas.

According to the company, the Cottonwood Creek Wind Farm was completed in 2005. CPS Energy recently added another 181 turbines to the project – resulting in a total capacity of 340 MW of wind power.

‘CPS Energy's goal is to meet 15 percent of our customers' peak electrical demand with renewable energy, such as wind power, by 2020,’ says Milton Lee, CPS Energy's general manager and chief executive officer. ‘Now, with more wind energy online, along with other renewable sources – including solar and landfill gas – we are slightly above 11 percent.’

CPS Energy's residential and business customers can purchase the wind energy from the Cottonwood project, along with the Desert Sky Wind Farm near Iraan, Texas, through the company's Windtricity program. Blocks of 100 kWh are sold for $3 each – one block will supply approximately 10% of the energy used in an average San Antonio home, the company adds.

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