Cooper Power Systems Debuts Bolted Tee Connector For Wind Farms

Posted by NAW Staff on May 31, 2012 No Comments

Cooper Power Systems says it has released its new 36(42) kV bolted tee connector for IEC-rated wind farm applications.

Designed to meet higher-voltage ratings and cable diameters of up to 800 square millimeters, the fully screened bolted tee connectors can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations but are especially suited for the harsh, offshore wind farm environment, where long cable runs and large cable is required, the company explains.

The 1250 A, 36(42) kV bolted tee connectors utilize a pre-molded separable connector that allows end users to quickly and easily connect polymeric cable to transformers, switchgear, motors and other electrical equipment featuring a "C" interface as specified by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181, according to Cooper Power Systems.

They feature an 800 square-millimeter cable entrance for applications that require larger capacity, and can handle the full range of voltage classes and cable sizes on IEC- rated wind farms, the company adds.

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