ComRent Develops Load Bank Testing Product Designed To Meet PTC Deadline

Posted by NAW Staff on March 01, 2012 No Comments

ComRent, a provider of simulated electrical and thermal load banks, transformers, cables and switchgear to sectors such as the wind energy industry, says it has developed a load bank testing solution that is intended to enable the full commissioning of U.S. wind farms in order to meet the Dec. 31, 2012, production tax credit in-service deadline.

The company's fleet of load banks, combined with its renewable energy knowledge and experience, enables wind farm developers to fully commission wind turbines prior to interconnection to the utility grid in order to ensure their projects qualify for the PTC, ComRent explains.

Unlike pre-commissioning, which validates the turbines' rotation, the ComRent solution enables wind turbines to be fully tested and commissioned under the load specified by the turbine manufacturer, the company adds. Turbines can be tested individually at the tower, or in strings at the collection point or substation. Resistive and reactive test loads can range from as little as 25% to 100% of rated turbine output, according to ComRent.

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