Company Unveils Slip Ring With Diagnostics For Wind Turbines

Posted by Lauren Tyler on November 03, 2016 No Comments

Leine Linde Systems, a provider of components and systems for the wind industry, has introduced the new ADSR, the first diagnostic system for analyzing condition and predicting remaining service life within slip rings – which is especially useful in onshore and offshore wind turbines.

According to the company, this is a new smart solution for condition-based maintenance of slip rings.

Leine Linde Systems says the focus of the ADSR is the integrated sensors for measuring vibrations, the level of voltage and current, the number of revolutions, internal and external humidity, and temperature. This systematic monitoring and analysis enables the expected remaining service life of the slip ring to be displayed, both in terms of time and revolutions.

The company says having this knowledge in advance makes it possible to use up the slip ring’s entire service life. Unforeseeable failures will only rarely occur, and it encourages the efficient operation of wind turbine power plants equipped with an ADSR.

The information and warning messages sent via the diagnostic system are made available using network interfaces and are displayed by an LED on the slip ring. Further, maintenance personnel benefit from a browser-based Web monitor that can be opened anywhere to view the current status and meaningful reports and analyses. The slip ring optionally communicates data to customizable interfaces using the OPC-UA industry standard.

The ADSR slip ring is customized to meet specific individual design requirements and is supplied from one single source, the company adds.

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