Companies Partner On Wind Data Collection And Automation

Posted by NAW Staff on February 01, 2012 No Comments
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Atmospheric Systems Corp. (ASC) and Vista Engineering have formed a partnership designed to streamline wind instrumentation data for end users.

Under the agreement, ASC will be a distributor and user of Vista Data Vision and will offer the ability to purchase VDV or use it via the ASC-hosted DataPortal, which is powered by Vista Data Vision. ASC's DataPortal will have additional automation for data collection from a variety of instrumentation, along with its SODAR products, thus allowing users to view their data securely online, the company says.

Vista's Engineering's Web-based Vista Data Vision (VDV) allows users to collect data from multiple sites and view it from a single dashboard, and creates Web-based graphs that include time series, wind roses, power curves and histograms, among other features. In addition, VDV supports the ability for users to compare data from one instrument to another with XY scatter plots, the company explains.

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