Commercial RECs From Village Green Energy Certified

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San Francisco-based Center for Resource Solutions has announced that Village Green Energy's commercial renewable energy certificate (REC) product, Village Green Power, is now Green-e Energy certified.

Village Green Energy can now offer its commercial customers certified renewable energy customized to their needs. Village Green Energy's model is to offer customers RECs sourced from states with active compliance markets in order to encourage development of new renewable capacity in those states.

‘Village Green is proud to partner with Green-e Energy as we drive the transition to renewable energy,’ says Robby Bearman, co-founder of Village Green Energy. ‘We will always strive to exceed industry standards for the quality of environmental products. The creative marketing strategies that we employ on behalf of our clients and our unique sourcing methodology, which links voluntary REC purchases to state mandated renewable portfolio standards, are what set us apart from the competition.’

SOURCE: Center for Resource Solutions

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