PSEG Long Island Issues Request For Proposals

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Jan 29, 2016

PSEG Long Island, on behalf of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for resources in Western Nassau, N.Y., to address reliability conditions in the Far Rockaway and Glenwood load areas. The RFP is [Read More]

Appalachian Power To Seek Proposals For Up To 150 MW Of Wind

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Jan 06, 2016

Electric utility Appalachian Power has issued pre-qualification documents for parties interested in bidding on an upcoming request for proposals (RFP) for up to 150 MW of wind power. The RFP will seek proposals that would allow Appalachian to own one [Read More]

McPherson, Kan., Seeks Up To 20 MW Of Renewables

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Nov 11, 2015

The board of public utilities of the City of McPherson, Kan., has released a request for proposals from renewable energy providers for any amount and type of renewable energy up to 20 MW. Proposals are due by Dec. 15; the [Read More]

SCE Seeking Up To 100 MW Of New Clean Power Resources

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Sep 29, 2015

Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched a request for offers (RFO) to acquire renewable energy, capacity and load reduction from new preferred resources. The utility is also looking to these resources to serve the local system, including providing ancillary grid [Read More]

RFP Alert: PPL Electric Utilities Seeks Alternative Energy Credits

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Aug 27, 2015

PPL Electric Utilities is seeking to procure over 200,000 Tier II alternative energy credits for PPL Electric Utilities Corp. to meet the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. As a default service provider, PPL Electric Utilities must purchase and provide generation [Read More]

Hydro-Quebec Will Seek Proposals For 6 MW Wind Farm In September

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Jul 15, 2015

Hydro-Quebec held an information session about the launch of a request for proposals (RFP) to build a wind farm with a capacity of 6 MW in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine. The farm's generation capacity will be integrated into the off-grid system of [Read More]

New York City Issues RFI For Renewables

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Jul 10, 2015

New York City has issued a request for information (RFI) seeking responses from interested parties to supply renewable energy. The RFI is designed to identify sources of new renewable energy generation as opposed to existing projects. New York City has [Read More]

SMEPA Mulls Renewables PPA

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Jun 02, 2015

The South Mississippi Electric Power Association (SMEPA), a co-op serving 419,000 homes and businesses through 11 system providers, is mulling over the procurement of 250 MW of wind energy. SMEPA issued a request for proposals (RFP) for capacity and/or related [Read More]

City Of Palo Alto Issues RFP

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on May 01, 2015

The City of Palo Alto, Calif., is seeking renewable resources to meet its 33% by 2015 renewable portfolio standard (RPS). Per its request for proposals (RFP), Palo Alto seeks to contract for power for terms ranging from five to 30 [Read More]

Interstate Power And Light Issues 200 MW Wind RFP

NAW Staff
NAW Staff on Apr 28, 2015

Interstate Power and Light has issued a request for proposals (RFP) seeking up to 200 MW of wind energy, located in Iowa. The utility is seeking wind power to be sourced within the footprint of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator. [Read More]