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To Repower Or To Retrofit: How Does The PTC Affect Wind Owners’ Decisions?

Posted by Betsy Lillian on December 08, 2016

In order to re-qualify an existing asset, wind owners must invest 80% of its fair market value; this is achieved through repowering or retrofitting.

U.S. Senators Propose 100% Clean Energy Bill

Posted by Betsy Lillian on December 08, 2016

U.S. Sens. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., have introduced a Senate resolution calling for generating 100% of the electricity consumed in the U.S. from clean and renewable energy resources by 2050. Other senators supporting the resolution include [Read More]

Illinois Supreme Court To Clean Line: Yes, We Will Review Your Case

Posted by Betsy Lillian on December 02, 2016

It’s a yes from the Illinois Supreme Court: The rejection of Clean Line Energy Partners’ $600 million Rock Island Clean Line will soon be reviewed in court. The Rock Island Clean Line, first proposed in 2010, was approved in 2014 [Read More]

Survey: Conservatives Do, Indeed, Support Clean Energy Development

Posted by Betsy Lillian on December 02, 2016

A newly released poll conducted after the presidential election shows that more than 80% of voters surveyed indicated it is important for elected officials to share their views on energy. In addition, 88% said they would likely oppose a candidate [Read More]

Lawmaker Takes Aim At Wind Farms Near Military Bases

Betsy Lillian
Written by Betsy Lillian on December 01, 2016

U.S. Rep. Chris Collins has proposed a bill that would make new wind farms built within 40 miles of military bases ineligible for tax credits. Specifically, he has voiced his concern for an Apex project in western New York.

Report: U.S. Renewables Upped Their Game In First Three Quarters

Posted by Betsy Lillian on November 30, 2016

Renewable energy sources provided 15.1% of net U.S. electrical generation during the first three quarters of this year, according to nonprofit SUN DAY Campaign, which cites data from the latest issue of the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Electric Power Monthly [Read More]

Florida City Rolls Out 100% Renewable Energy Plans

Posted by Betsy Lillian on November 23, 2016

The St. Petersburg, Fla., City Council has formally approved the city’s commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy. According to the Sierra Club, St. Petersburg represents the first city in Florida and the 20th city in the U.S. to make [Read More]

Court Makes Landmark Ruling On Illinois Wind Turbine Dispute

Posted by Betsy Lillian on November 16, 2016

Wind energy developers and landowners versus the construction industry: Who emerged victorious in the Illinois court case?

Obama Administration Rolls Out Series Of New Clean Energy Initiatives

Posted by Betsy Lillian on November 14, 2016

Before leaving office, the Obama administration gives one more push to promote a clean energy economy and continue the global transition to zero- and low-carbon energy sources.

Oklahoma Senator: Kill State’s Wind PTC In 2017

Posted by Betsy Lillian on November 14, 2016

Oklahoma State Sen. Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, wants to do away with the state’s production tax credit (PTC) for wind power. Mazzei, who serves as the outgoing chairman of the Senate’s finance committee, recently addressed the Incentive Evaluation Commission in support [Read More]