Why Scheduling Is Important For Wind-Farm Profitability

NAW Staff
Written by ABB Inc. on October 27, 2011

The date on which the first profitable power flows from a new wind farm has a special place on construction schedules. It marks the end of a long sequence in which hundreds of shipments of complex mechanical and electrical equipment [Read More]

South Dakota Puts Incentives To Work For Wind

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on February 29, 2008

Ranked fourth in overall wind generation potential for U.S. states by the American Wind Energy Association, South Dakota has yet to break the 100 MW mark in installed wind energy capacity. Wind energy development in neighboring states, by comparison, has [Read More]

BPL Repositions Grid Solutions Through Acquisition

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on January 30, 2008

Editor's Note: In 2008, NAW will deliver insightful news and analysis about the integration of renewable resources on the power grid in three Renewable Energy Transmission supplements. Look for the first installment with NAW's April edition. BPL Global Ltd., a [Read More]

Utilities Turn To A “Power Prepay” For White Creek

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on January 03, 2008

Construction of the 205 MW White Creek Wind Project in Klickitat County, Wash., was completed at the end of November 2007, ahead of schedule and under budget. The project, which was initiated by four Washington utilities, became a reality with [Read More]

Quebec Reserves 500 MW “For The Regions”

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on December 01, 2007

In September, Hydro-Quebec released the details of 66 wind energy facility proposals submitted in response to a 2,000 MW request for proposals (RFPs). With an announcement due early next year for the winners of that RFP and projects under a [Read More]

Utilities Grapple With Green Marketing

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on November 01, 2007

Utility green pricing programs (GPPs) have become an increasingly familiar offering across the U.S., but many utilities still have chosen not to launch a GPP, and many that have are finding that marketing these programs is a challenge. Lori Bird [Read More]

Nova Scotia Supports Industry With Wind Maps And Approval Guidelines

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on October 01, 2007

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy (NSDOE), in conjunction with researchers from Universite de Moncton and the Applied Geomatics Research Group at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), has released maps illustrating provincial wind resources that, if developed for wind power [Read More]

Wind Power Seeks Place In Coal-Powered Kentucky

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on September 01, 2007

The predominantly coal-powered Commonwealth of Kentucky currently has no operational utility-scale wind farms. The Department of Energy (DOE) reports on its Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Web site that "Kentucky does not have sufficient wind resources to use large-scale wind [Read More]

Audubon Maintains Conditional Support For Wind Power

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on August 01, 2007

The Maine chapter of the National Audubon Society (NAS) has withdrawn its request to intervene in a Maine Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) hearing for UPC Wind's proposed Stetson Wind Project in Washington County, Maine – a move that represents [Read More]

WINDPOWER 2007 Delivers Road Map For 20x’30 Vision

NAW Staff
Written by Jennifer Delony on July 01, 2007

The American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) WINDPOWER 2007 conference in early June provided the association with a platform to delineate both the extensive growth of wind power in the U.S. and a realistic road map for achieving higher levels of [Read More]