California Indian Manpower Consortium Partners With USST To Develop Renewable Energy Projects

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The California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC) has announced a statewide alliance with U.S. Science and Technology (USST), a renewable energy project development company.

CIMC is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the purpose of working for the social welfare, educational and economic advancement of California Native Americans. The alliance is the first partnership formed to fulfill the economic development and environmental program goals of CIMC's Green Jobs Initiative that was announced in May.

Through this partnership, CIMC will utilize USST's engineering and project management expertise to explore the feasibility and development of renewable energy installments that utilize versatile and environmentally friendly technologies across tribal communities in the state of California. Projects under consideration could utilize commercially proven waste-to-energy, solar and wind power technologies.

‘This partnership will open the door for California's tribes to take an active role in protecting their Native lands and the environment,’ says Lorenda Sanchez, executive director of CIMC. ‘At the same time, Native Americans will now have opportunities to lead the way in the new green economy, while addressing employment issues in tribal communities.’

Under the alliance, USST will identify suitable renewable energy solutions by assessing wind and solar resources and critical waste management problems across California's tribal communities. For projects authorized by individual tribes, USST will manage the engineering, development and operation of renewable energy installments, while coordinating job training and community enrichment services.

CIMC will oversee all activities to ensure projects meet environmental and economic compliance. CIMC will also work closely with the tribes to ensure all concerns are addressed, information is readily accessible and tribal input is implemented. Projects will be completely financed by outside sources, including project investment financing and grant monies, with minimal or no financial contribution from CIMC.

SOURCE: California Indian Manpower Consortium Inc.

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