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Sage Oil Vac
Gearbox Services & Repair | Wind Farm Operations & Maintenance

360 N. Lakeside Dr.
Amarillo TX 79118
Phone: (877) 645-8227
Fax: 806-372-7565
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Contact Person: Aaron Sage

Gear Oil Exchange System

250 or 390 gallon new and used oil tanks
120 gallon flush fluid tank
120 gallon rinse fluid tank
Skid-mounted, open trailer or enclosed trailer configurations
Containment pan
On-board filtration system to filter new oil to ISO-approved cleanliness levels
On-board heating system for improved flow during year-round maintenance
Vacuum in fresh oil at rates up to 20 gallons per minute
Systems sold in Europe feature CE tanks to meet European Union safety, health and environmental requirements.

Manufactured exclusively by Sage Oil Vac, Inc. and sold through authorized dealers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


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