Broadview Wind Now Delivering Power To California

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Pattern Energy Group Inc. has announced the grand opening of the 324 MW Broadview Wind power facility and 35-mile, 345 kV Western Interconnect transmission line.

Broadview Wind, located in Texas and New Mexico, is delivering clean energy to California via the associated, independent Western Interconnect transmission line and providing renewable power for up to 125,000 homes each year, says Pattern.

The wind farm comprises 141 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines with U.S.-made components, including turbine blades that were manufactured in Fort Madison, Iowa, and nacelles that were manufactured in Hutchinson, Kan.

To wheel the output from Broadview Wind to the California Independent System Operator system, where it is delivered to Southern California Edison (SCE), Broadview Wind has entered into long-term, firm, point-to-point transmission service agreements to move the output through the Western Interconnect, Public Service of New Mexico and Arizona Public Service transmission systems.

The project has two 20-year power purchase agreements with SCE for the sale of 100% of the output. The facility is limited to 297 MW of injection capacity at Broadview Wind’s transmission interconnection point.

According to Pattern, Broadview Wind provided jobs for more than 650 workers during peak construction activity and had an average of 350 workers on-site throughout the construction process. Now operational, the facility employs 18 full-time workers, half of whom are local residents.

In addition, says Pattern, Broadview Wind is expected to contribute more than $30 million to the local government and school system over 25 years. The project has also donated $320,000 to the local community, including a $150,000 donation to the Village of Grady, a separate $150,000 donation to the Village of Grady municipal school district and a $20,000 donation to the Broadview Fire Department.

“This innovative facility is generating inexpensive renewable energy in eastern New Mexico and delivering clean power into California – helping that state transition to a carbon-free, low-cost, renewable grid,” comments Mike Garland, president and CEO of Pattern Energy. “We are especially excited to open this facility because it demonstrates the value of bringing wind power from where it’s created to where it’s needed. We see exciting development opportunities in this area of the country. Pattern Development is actively developing several significant opportunities in New Mexico and the southwest U.S. as part of the region’s increasing demand for low-cost, renewable energy.”

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