Vestas Increases Power Output Mode To 3.45 MW For The 3 MW Turbine Platform

Posted by NAW Staff on May 08, 2015 No Comments

Based on site-specific conditions, turbine maker Vestas says it will increase power output to 3.45 MW power for the 3 MW turbine class. Increasing the power output, notes Vestas, will increase annual energy production and contribute to lowering the cost of energy.

The shared nacelle technology and design allows Vestas to offer the 3.45 MW power mode across its entire 3 MW platform. The power mode will be available on the V105-3.3 MW, V112-3.3 MW, V117-3.3 MW and V126-3.3 MW turbine platforms.

Vestas notes that it has an idea of which entities will be the first to receive the new turbine.

In January, Statkraft signed a letter of intent for the supply of wind turbines for Norway's Fosen and Snillfjord wind projects. Should the projects result in firm orders, Statkraft will run the V117 turbines at the 3.45 MW power mode.

More than 2,000 turbines of the 3 MW platform have been installed in 24 countries worldwide. Under the right site-specific conditions, the 3.45 MW power mode will increase power output from 3.3 MW to 3.45 MW, Vestas notes.

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