BASF Releases Two New Coating Material Technologies For Wind Industry

Posted by NAW Staff on June 04, 2012 No Comments

BASF, a supplier of epoxy and coating systems designed specifically for the manufacture and coating of wind turbine rotor blades, has launched two new coating material technologies for the wind energy industry: RELEST Wind Leading Edge and RELEST Wind RepKit.

RELEST Wind Leading Edge is a new coating system designed to improve the efficiency of wind turbines by providing protection of the front and leading edge of the rotor blade from erosion.

According to BASF, the coating system has high erosion resistance against rain, sand and hail, making it ideal for offshore wind turbines. The system also features flexible film thickness during the coating process and a short drying time, the company adds.

RELEST Wind RepKit is designed to protect wind turbine rotor blades from wind, water, UV radiation, erosion and bending. The RepKit contains all of the tools required for the repair of turbines treated with the BASF RELEST Wind LeadingEdge system.

As part of the kit, wind turbine operators and their employees will be trained by a BASF specialist. Once trained, wind turbine operators will be able to implement professional repairs themselves simply and quickly. The new RELEST Wind RepKit is designed for stationary use both on the ground and on the turbine.

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