AWS Truepower Releases Wind Resource Analyses

Posted by NAW Staff on December 16, 2011 No Comments
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AWS Truepower LLC, a provider of renewable energy consulting and information services, has released its quarterly Wind Trends Bulletins, which review wind resource performance in North America, Europe and India.

Highlights of the findings include the following:

  • North America: Near- or above-normal wind speeds were exhibited throughout much of North America, with the largest deviations occuring throughout much of the Rocky Mountains and southern Great Plains.
  • Europe: Western Europe enjoyed above-average winds, while eastern Europe suffered.
  • India: Northern and far eastern India experienced below-normal to well-below-normal wind speeds. Much of southeastern India observed above-average speeds.

"Annual deviations in wind resource are to be expected, and a strategy to mitigate the risk of major portfolio underperformance is essential to hedging against the annual variability of wind," he adds. "When assessing a portfolio of projects for development, investment or acquisition, it is essential to have a holistic view of the portfolio to ensure quarterly cashflow is reliable."

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