Arkansas Group Calls For CES In Long-Term Energy Plan Recommendations

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The Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA) has unveiled its policy recommendations for the state's long-term energy plan – which include calling for a state clean energy standard (CES).

The AAEA notes that if Arkansas desires to grow its economy, then the state needs to expand its energy workforce and manufacturing base through the increased development, manufacture, and utilization of advanced energy technologies.

The group says that the inclusion of a CES would encourage deployment of clean energy technology that diversifies the state's energy supply, improves energy security and creates jobs.

Such a program should include target allocations for in-state electrical generation by solar, wind and biomass and expanded capacity goals for hydropower facilities, the group notes.

In addition, the group says incentives should be considered for the following:

  • Manufacture of solar photovoltaic components similar to those for wind component manufacturing in Arkansas;
  • Manufacture of transmission cable for carrying renewable electricity similar to those for wind component manufacturing in Arkansas;
  • Manufacture of components utilized to store electricity produced by wind and solar;
  • Installation of renewable energy components on commercial, industrial and residential properties;
  • Storage facilities for electricity produced by wind and solar; and
  • All renewable electricity that is built of equipment substantially manufactured, fabricated or assembled in Arkansas.

In addition to renewable energy, the group advocates the growing use of alternative fuels, energy efficiency and research and development.

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