APS Expects To Increase Renewable Generation

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Over the next two decades, APS customers could receive significantly more of their electricity from clean energy sources under a comprehensive resource plan filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

By 2025, APS envisions producing a significant amount of power through solar plants and other renewables – including wind – while simultaneously helping customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. The company will also review baseload resource alternatives beyond 2020 and plans to keep its carbon dioxide emissions in the year 2025 at or below 2009 levels.

APS projects customer demand in 2025 will be more than 50% higher than 2009 demand. The resource plan weighs the benefits of various electric generation resources to determine how to best meet this challenge. The report thoroughly evaluates economic, environmental, technological and other key factors to propose the types of resources to meet customer needs.

APS will accelerate the development of renewable energy and will work with the ACC to seize opportunities for early adoption. APS proposes to exceed the current renewable portfolio standard, which requires the company to generate 15% of its energy from renewables by 2025. APS expects to add approximately 1,600 MW of renewable resources.

Renewables should satisfy about 45% of the projected growth in energy consumption. APS plans continued expansion of distributed energy resources as well as other renewable energy purchases. The company will continue to engage and evaluate the market for renewable power projects.

Overall, the plan could require a total investment of $18 billion over the next two decades. APS may fund these investments directly, or allow other entities to construct plants and then sell power to the company.


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