Amerisafe Expands Its Wind Industry Safety Training Program

Posted by NAW Staff on March 06, 2012 No Comments
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Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services (ACSS) says it has upgraded its internal and external wind industry safety training.

Enhancements to the company's wind industry orientation and safety training will now include time ‘shadowing’ a more senior consultant at a wind project.

‘This gives the safety consultant hands-on knowledge of the challenges that go along with constructing a wind project, as well as insight to better train wind farm construction personnel on the hazards associated and then eliminate those hazards by preplanning work,’ explains David M. Harman, renewable energy project manager at ACSS.

In addition, the company's upgraded wind safety training includes assessing how weather patterns can drastically affect the ground conditions where the turbines are erected and understanding that changing ground conditions can cause safety hazards for construction staff while they are constructing wind turbines.

ACSS also continues the safety consultant's training through hands-on experience in climb testing and emergency rescue practices to ensure that the consultant understands how to respond in an emergency situation.

In addition, ACSS will continue the training process by working closely with local emergency response personnel to build on their knowledge of the wind industry and to properly train them for the specific hazards they may encounter during a rescue situation.

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