AESO Issues RFP For Wind Power Forecasting Service

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The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a centralized wind power forecasting service in Alberta as part of its continuing efforts to integrate more wind power into Alberta's Interconnected Electric System.

Studies conducted by the AESO and other industry organizations indicate that wind power forecasting is an effective measure toward increasing the amount of wind that can be reliably integrated to the electricity grid.

Wind power forecasts will be used by the AESO to plan ahead for the amount of generation resources required to back up wind power and to develop operating plans to keep generation and demand on the system safely in balance at all times.

The RFP was developed based on the Wind Power Forecasting Pilot Project Industry Work Group recommendations and stakeholder comments received in response to the Notice to Stakeholders: Implementation of Market & Operational Framework for Wind Integration in Alberta.

Discussions with wind power facility operators, the Canadian Wind Energy Association and electric system operators in other jurisdictions further enhanced the requirements defined in the RFP

Using the knowledge and experience gained from the pilot project, the AESO worked with stakeholders to develop a recommendation for a wind power forecasting service that will provide the AESO with wind power forecasts updated at least once per hour and for the next 48 hours for the province of Alberta.

The AESO will establish an additional Wind Power Forecasting Standing Work Group in the near future to provide input on matters such as accuracy metrics and the means to improve the wind power forecasts. It intends to have the wind power forecast service operational by the end of the year.

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SOURCE: Alberta Electric System Operator

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