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North America is the global leader in utility-scale wind energy generation. Wind turbine installations in the U.S. and Canadian wind power markets are driven by increasing public concern about global warming, national energy security and unstable energy prices. These issues have resulted in the adoption of energy policies at federal, state and community levels that encourage wind energy development, while confidence in mature wind turbine technologies has been a defining factor in strong market investment.

In addition to the wind industry’s maturation, wind power is helping create jobs while boosting North America’s manufacturing base. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the U.S. alone has more than 560 manufacturing facilities that make components for wind turbines, and factories that produce towers, blades and other components can be found in every region. Canadian provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec, are similarly vested in locally made turbine components.

However, there are challenges to wind energy’s progress, including uncertainty about long-term policy, the need for an expansion and upgrade of North America’s transmission infrastructure, and tricky project-siting issues.

Through this evolution, project developers, electric utility executives, equipment vendors, consultants and service providers have come to expect informative analysis of the latest trends from North American Windpower. As wind energy continues its maturation, NAWs readers will find the information they need to secure market share in this highly competitive industry.

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